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Fact sheet – Deinove shares

Stock market Euronext Growth® Paris First listing 27 April 2010
Trading Continuous trading First listed price € 8.33
ISIN FR0010879056  Mnemo ALDEI 
Reuters ALDEI.PA  Bloomberg ALDEI:FP
Indexes EN Growth® AllShare EN Growth® BPIfrance Innovation
End of FY December, 31 Nbr of shares (at 31.08.20) 22 568 005

Breakdown of share capital at 31 December 2019

(non diluted basis) 


Shareholders at 31 December 2019 Capital (non diluted)   Voting rights (non diluted)
Funds managed by Truffle Capital 7.69% %%% 12.98%
Funds managed by TVM Capital 6.34%   5.81%
Scientific founders* 0.11%   0.20%
Management and board members 0.41%   0.55%
Free float 85.46%   80.46%
TOTAL 100.00%   100.00%

* M. Radman, University P. Descartes
** Including warrants for shares (known as BSA) and warrants for subscription to business creator shares (known as BSPCE) attributed to the management, board members and scientific founders, not exercized and not lapsed to date.


DEINOVE share price

Shares and voting rights