DEINOVE discovers, develops, and produces Bioactives, active ingredients of natural origin from its unique bacterial biodiversity bank, to invent the new generation of sustainable cosmetics and intends to quickly bring its know-how and its products to other fields, such as nutrition and health.

In cosmetics, DEINOVE has developed and markets PHYT-N-RESIST®, a totally innovative anti-aging active ingredient based on pure phytoene, a carotenoid with a strong anti-oxidant and healing effect, which is completely colorless.

A second anti-aging ingredient, HEBELYS®, was launched in partnership with GREENTECH, while two more are in developmentwith OLÉOS (HALLSTAR Group) and third one with DOW. DEINOVE also runs a program in animal nutrition with Groupe Avril.


Discover how DEINOVE develops innovative active molecules for the cosmetics industry.

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